Tumor Removal

A modern method that allows you to get rid of neoplasms in one session.
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Removal of hemangiomas over 10 mm
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The most important advantage of using the laser removal method is the complete absence of traces on the patient's skin (scars and scars). This is especially important for exposed areas of the body, such as the face or neck. The laser method is painless, and the procedure itself is very fast. Another important advantage is the complete exclusion of the appearance of new formations at the site of removal of the mole or papilloma. This happens when mole cells remain, which after some time begin to grow and a new mole forms even darker than the previous one and larger in size.

Today, the laser removal method is the safest and only way to remove a mole and papilloma without any trace, i.e. without scars and scars. Using this method, you can remove not only moles, but also other benign neoplasms. Remember that the timely removal of moles that cause discomfort will allow you to protect your health, because very often they can degenerate into malignant and cause skin cancer!


Laser removal is indicated for patients with papillomas, fibromas, warts, nevuses and condylomas. Most neoplasms are considered aesthetic defects, and their removal occurs at the patient’s personal request. But there are medical indications that the doctor determines at the appointment: changes in the shape of skin pathologies, the contours and color of the formations, their bleeding and itching, the appearance of cracks, ulcers and nodules.


  • acute inflammatory diseases,
  • fever,
  • oncological diseases
  • pregnancy.

Course 1 procedure.
Repeat the procedure if necessary.
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Preparations or equipment
MIXEL Fractional Ablation CO2 Laser
MIXEL Fractional Ablation CO2 Laser

The latest diode laser for hair removal based on the most advanced hybrid laser module manufactured by COHERENT Inc. (USA). Due to the effect on the hair with three wavelengths - 755, 808 and 1064 nm, the device combines the advantages of alexandrite, diode and neodymium laser, which ensures unsurpassed quality of hair removal! Due to the combined effect, in addition to hair removal, skin rejuvenation occurs during the procedure, which makes the service even more attractive to customers.