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Laser hair removal is the only way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the skin.
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Diode Laser Cheeks (Laser Hair Removal)
Description of procedure

Hair removal with this laser is recommended for owners of light hair and dark skin. Under such conditions, it is most effective. But lovers of tanning salons and beaches should bear in mind that immediately after taking ultraviolet baths, epilation with this device should not be done, since the skin will eventually receive a double portion of heat and light, which ultimately leads to premature aging of the dermis. During hair removal, a special gel is used that cools the skin, making the procedure more comfortable. At the same time, hair removal is completely painless.

A diode laser has a more gentle effect on the skin, eliminating the possibility of damage. But nevertheless, immediately after the removal of hairs it is worth hiding from active sunlight.


  • Pigmented hair from the darkest to the lightest shade;
  • Intolerance to depilation with wax, razor or epilator;
  • Frequent irritation from depilation;
  • Hair ingrown


  • Pregnancy
  • Skin lesions
  • Diabetes
  • Phlebeurysm
  • Taking antibiotics 10 days before the procedure before completing the course
  • Oncological diseases
  • Light epilepsy
  • Herpes
  • A significant number of moles in the cultivated area

A course of 7-12 procedures.
Interval 21 days.
The cost of 990 rubles.
Preparations or equipment
Diode device Dioskin
Diode device Dioskin

Диодный лазер 808-M использует сапфировую головку для охлаждения и защиты эпидермиса при температуре 0 °C, которая делает процесс удаления волос практически безболезненным и комфортным. Лазерный излучатель имеет пятно размером 9×11 кв. мм (удаление волос происходит с высокой скоростью).

Применяется технология двойного лазерного импульса с эффективным и комфортным удалением волос. Применяется система охлаждения микроканала с использованием воды, а не фреона. Отличается высоким качеством и безопасностью. Длина волны диодного лазера — 808 нм.