Contour plastic

It is a method of eliminating wrinkles, correcting the volume and shape of the lips, the formation of the contour of the face by introducing into the dermis of various gels (fillers), which have hyaluronic acid.
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Juvederm Volume lower third of the face
Description of procedure

Contour plasticity of the lower third of the face is an injection procedure to correct the area, which is between the lines drawn at the base of the nose and the lower chin. It is performed with fillers based on high-density hyaluronic acid on the lower third of the face and is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery.


  • facial volume replenishment: cheekbone and chin areas.
  • dimples and horizontal chin seals
  • facial asymmetries
  • age-related changes
  • to provide facial soft tissue lifting;
  • to reduce the depth of folds and wrinkles;
  • improve facial oval;
  • visually change (reduce or increase) the width of the face;
  • correct the shape of the chin;
  • create a more feminine, sensual image for girls and more brutal for men.


  • for pregnant women and women during lactation;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with viral infections;
  • in identifying inflammatory processes in the area where injections will be given;
  • people with low blood coagulability

Course 1 procedure.
Correction after 2-3 weeks, then after 12-24 months.
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