Contour plastic

It is a method of eliminating wrinkles, correcting the volume and shape of the lips, the formation of the contour of the face by introducing into the dermis of various gels (fillers), which have hyaluronic acid.
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Apriline Forte Chin
Description of procedure

Chin contouring - recommended when there is a lack of volume in the lower third of the face. Allows you to create a beautiful, strong-willed chin with strict lines.


  • Underdeveloped or "beveled" chin.
  • Chin deformities after injury;
  • "Swamped" oval face;
  • Asymmetrical chin.


  • for pregnant women and women during lactation;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with viral infections;
  • in identifying inflammatory processes in the area where injections will be given;
  • people with low blood coagulability

Course 1 procedure.
Interval 12-24 months.
The cost of 15 000 rubles.
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