Contour plastic

It is a method of eliminating wrinkles, correcting the volume and shape of the lips, the formation of the contour of the face by introducing into the dermis of various gels (fillers), which have hyaluronic acid.
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Lips Juvederm Ultra Smile 0.55ml
Description of procedure

"Lips are an important part of human face and appearance, they harmonize the image and attract attention. Beautiful lips add confidence, sexual appeal, increase the self-esteem of women and men. Most people who come to the procedure to enlarge their lips do not need to increase their volume, but to visually increase their size.

Thin lips require multistage correction: the initial task is to increase the projection of lips and only then - increase their volume. Injections of fillers are made under the scheme:

  • Introduction of the drug in the red border area for lifting and turning of the lips;
  • Processing the contour;
  • A series of injections to give lips extra volume (optional).

As a result, you get a harmonious mouth shape and bright lips.


  • too thin lips;
  • lower lip volume with age;
  • asymmetry of the lips;
  • lips without a pronounced contour;
  • non-conformity of lip shape to aesthetic standards;
  • lowered corners of the mouth;
  • any other lip features that do not suit you.


  • for pregnant women and women during lactation;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with viral infections;
  • in identifying inflammatory processes in the area where injections will be given;
  • people with low blood coagulability

Course 1 procedure.
Correction after 1-2 weeks, then after 12-18 months.
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