Body aesthetics

Procedures have been developed to address each of these shortcomings. Some of them solve several problems, others have a specific action. Some methods are aimed at maintaining an attractive silhouette and evenness of the skin.
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Lymphatic drainage massage (60 min)
Description of procedure

One of the main enemies on the path to weight loss is excess fluid. Lymphatic drainage massage is the procedure that will help you in the fight for the perfect figure. During the procedure, excess fluid is excreted, fatty deposits are destroyed, the general tone of the body rises, the figure acquires an attractive shape, weight decreases. In addition, this type of massage helps to cope with edema, so if you have encountered a similar problem, this procedure is for you!


  • cellulite
  • body fat
  • swelling
  • loose skin
  • excess weight


  • oncology,
  • mental disorders,
  • gangrene,
  • blood diseases
  • heat,
  • bleeding
  • inflammatory and purulent diseases,
  • skin allergy
  • hypertensive crisis,
  • pregnancy, menstruation;
  • contraindicated in those areas in which: unhealed wounds and damage to the skin, bruises, varicose veins,
  • psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis,
  • coronary artery disease

A course of 10 procedures.
The interval is 7-10 days.