Hardware cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology is a promising field, which was formed at the junction of aesthetic cosmetology and physiotherapy. The main advantage of methods with the use of cosmetic apparatus - the ability to significantly improve the condition of the skin without surgery.
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Thermage face, neck, decollete
Description of procedure

Thermage is an apparatus cosmetology procedure of deep infrared rejuvenation of the skin, performed with the help of a generator (emitter) of radio-wave energy ThermaCool. The method is based on heating deep layers of dermis to the so-called thickening temperature (more than 60°C), at which loose and stretched collagen fibers begin to actively thicken, providing the necessary effect of the lifting.

Thermatherapy can be used both for deep rejuvenation of the face, and for skin lifting on various parts of the body, including particularly problematic areas: inner and outer thighs, lower abdomen, neckline area. The procedure is effective not only for complex rejuvenation of the body, but also for the treatment of external manifestations of lipodystrophy (cellulite), in particular, ""orange peel"" on the legs and buttocks.


  • correction of age-related skin changes,
  • initial prevention of premature skin aging,
  • to fight the "goose's legs.
  • wrinkles in the eye area and around the lips,
  • excess skin on the eyelids (including the mobile eyelid area),
  • flabby, fading skin, wrinkled skin with an uneven tone and an unnatural "ground" tone;
  • prolapse of soft facial tissues (gravitational ptosis);
  • reduction of skin turgor;
  • skin sagging after childbirth, with sudden weight gain (or, conversely, rapid weight loss), with age-related changes;
  • various stages of lipodystrophy (including the "orange peel" effect).


  • oncology;
  • silicone implants in the field of application;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • pacemakers;
  • skin damage in the treated areas

Course 1 procedure.
The interval is 1 year.
Work examples
Preparations or equipment

Аппарат ThermaCool предназначен для неинвазивного лифтинга кожи посредством укрепления коллагеновых волокон и стимуляции неоколлагенеза в дерме и гиподерме всего за одну процедуру.

Процедура омоложения на аппарате ThermaCool получила название THERMAGE. THERMAGE - это:

  • Не имеющая аналогов процедура омоложения кожи с помощью радиочастотной энергии
  • Видимый лифтинг тканей после одной процедуры
  • Стимуляция активной выработки собственного коллагена в дерме и соединительно-тканных волокнах гиподермы
  • Нарастающий лифтинговый эффект в течение полугода после процедуры
  • Результат, сохраняющийся на несколько лет (до 5 лет)