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Women want to be young and beautiful always. At what age and with what procedures should they start visiting a cosmetologist? What should they do to prolong their youth?

Since childhood, we hear that proper care is the key to beautiful, clean skin. Many problems can be prevented much earlier than they appear and thus simplify the task of face care for the future. A visit to a cosmetologist is recommended from the age of 14. At this age, shows the prevention of teenage skin changes and their correction if necessary, maintaining a balance. Hormonal changes and acne are just as easy to diagnose and level out at an early age. But from the age of 18 you can see a doctor more often for individually selected beauty treatments that will always look fresh, beautiful and solve age-related changes "on the beach".

What advice could you give women of different age categories? Let's start with girls in their twenties: where do I start to look after myself?

At 20-25 years of age it's moisturizing, mesotherapy, primary biorevitalization, correction of mimic nuances, vacuum peeling - our clinic has Hydrofacial procedure, skin type cleaning and care, laser hair removal, massages. Also hardware cosmetology: for example, Lumeca to correct the signs of pigmentation or postacne. From 25-30 years old you can resort to contour plastic surgery: correction of the lower third of the face, cheekbones, chin. Moisturizing and comprehensive care, including meso and biorevitalisation, of course remain.

And what are the tips for women 35+?

Let's hook up the anti-age cosmetics. Our clinic presents Zein Obagi's luxurious anti-age range of care! As well as botulinum therapy, microcurrents, various hardware methods to maintain skin condition and prevent aging.

What beauty procedures should be included in your "beauty ration" after 45?

As a rule, at this age women begin hormonal restructuring of the body. It is better to see a beautician at least once every 2 weeks. To the basic care, cleaning, peeling, hardware methods, botulinum therapy, we connect callogenostimulants, drugs with DNA-active ingredients and, of course, as the basis - hyaluronic acid! We make up for the deficit. You can also consult with a gynecologist and endocrinologist for a comprehensive approach to beauty and youth. Well, and harmony within, a lot of positive emotions and pleasure at any age, we recommend to each of our patients as a must!

Does cosmetology still remove signs of aging or help to hide them for a while?

Cosmetology primarily focuses on prevention and treatment. At any age, at any problem - it is necessary not to forget about your skin, properly care for it and see a specialist. If you apply to a cosmetologist in time, you can prevent the signs of aging and resolve any issue with our skin. By following all the measures and recommendations of doctors, really achieve excellent results and maintain a young and radiant skin for many years.

Recommend procedures that will help maintain beauty and youthfulness after 55 years?

After 55 years of age, the effects of hormonal restructuring of the body are actively advocated. Skin turgor is reduced. Fibroblasts produce less hyaluronic acid and lower production of collagen and elastin. The skin becomes drier, its tone decreases. We also recommend drugs with DNA-active ingredients, help to fill the hyaluronic acid deficiency and actively work with hardware methods - thermal, ultraformer. We act to restore skin tone. As at any age, prescribed the right home care, which will be aimed at stimulating the skin with active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, retinol. It is also necessary to take a comprehensive approach with allied specialists for better results!

What should the daily home facial care consist of?

Home facial care is divided into morning and evening rituals and includes a minimum of 5 care products, which are selected according to skin type. The first step is cleansing. The cleanser should be mild and free of aggressive surfactant ingredients. The next step is toning. Tonic will help even out the Ph level, better penetrate into the skin and a little moisturizing. After, if it's morning, we apply the product with SPF to protect the skin from UF rays and external negative environmental conditions. It is also necessary to apply the product to the eye area. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, the first signs of aging appear here. Therefore, it is also necessary to stimulate and moisturise this area. In the evening we repeat the ritual, but without SPF protection, using night care products. They are more active and also selected individually. Our clinic offers professional brands such as Zein Obagi, HydroPeptide, Gigi and Babor. A cosmetologist will help you assemble a line suitable for your skin type.

Tell me about your MedYUMed clinic?

MED YU MED Clinic is the main leader among Russian Luxe class cosmetology clinics. We offer the widest range of services in the field of apparatus cosmetology, care procedures, contour plastics, mesotherapy and laser hair removal. All procedures are aimed at restoring and maintaining natural beauty and health.

Our clients include political figures, celebrities, popular bloggers, CEOs and representatives of major international companies. We are trusted by people who value their time, excellent service and the highest quality procedures! The best specialists in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, modern equipment, certified products of the latest generation, the latest technology, brilliant service and continuous self-improvement - the main components of the philosophy and our clinic!

Today, some girls overdo with cosmetological procedures, it is enough to see girls with unnaturally large lips. Do you think that a cosmetologist should also be a psychologist and be able to dissuade your potential patient from reckless actions?

A good cosmetologist is first of all a doctor. He prioritizes your health and safety. As with any drug, the filers have their own indications and contraindications. Specialist always knows that not all novelties are good and will never allow the using of uncertified and inappropriate for you procedure. If the patient wants some total change or extraordinary appearance - we provide global advice, weigh the pros and cons. If we are talking about fashion trends, such as the recent wavy octopus lips - we refuse. For us, the beauty and health of our patients are fundamentally important! All the more so because at the moment there is a natural beauty in the trend.

Now it is popular to use Botox and threads for facelift.And what do you advise?

Any procedure has indications, and based on the patient's skin and requests, we will certainly prescribe threads and Botox, if he really needs it.

The threads are very good at fixing the temporal, cheekbone, lower third of the chin and neck. Botox works very well where no threads are placed - under the eyes, in the interbrow area. In MED YU MED we use innovative APTOS threads - this is an advanced technique registered in Russia. It allows to redistribute tissue, tighten it and avoid surgical intervention. Within 3 months after the procedure, a new connective tissue - collagen-grows around the threads, which acts as a natural framework for lifting effect. The threads remain in the tissues for a year and are dissolved without trace, providing skin nutrition and an effect similar to biorevitalization. It is worth noting that the result can be increased within 2 years.

There is a prejudice that cosmetologists prescribe a lot of procedures, and all this will be painful and expensive. That's why many people prefer to decide everything with home care. What's your opinion?

Home care is the basis and very seriously helps us maintain our skin. Again, we are always guided by the patient's request: if you need to get ready for an event, we provide express care with maximum visual lifting effect, which will help to be fresh all night. Home care will not achieve this result. For more global results, of course, requires a long and painstaking work, but it is worth it! Cosmetology is not expensive, especially in terms of the fact that it is an investment in yourself and your beauty. And thanks to the cosmetological anesthesia and accuracy and sensitivity of our specialists, cosmetology - it does not hurt.

What is the difference between Botox, Dysport and Hyaluronic Acid in action? What is safest for the body? In what cases, in what places and what exactly is recommended to be injected?

Botox and hyaluronic acid are different drugs with different effects. Hyaluronic acid is a part of our skin. It is used as a component in biorevitalizers and filers. For biorevitalizers, hyaluronic acid is used in a pure form, the action will be aimed at moisturizing and hydrating the skin. In order to make filers, a connective component is added, which makes the preparation denser and used for contour plastics. There are virtually no contraindications or allergies to hyaluronic acid, it is completely safe. Botox and Dysport is a type A botulinum toxin used for blocking muscles. That is, if the patient wants to moisturize the skin, make contour plastics, then a preparation based on hyaluronic acid is used. If it is necessary to block mimic hyperactivity and thus prevent the appearance of fractures and wrinkles - we use Botox and Disport.

What are the most effective methods to lift the oval face without plastic surgery?

The most effective is a comprehensive approach to face oval lifting. We suggest starting with hardware methods. In our clinic, it is the Ultraformer device - it well prevents the first signs of aging, then, depending on the volume of procedures, you can correct more obvious signs. Next, it is an American device that promotes 3D compression of tissues. The procedure is aimed at lifting tissues without changing their own volumes. Depending on the indications, we also recommend contour plastics with filers and Botox. If the patient wants a super lifting effect - we recommend threads!

What is the best way to remove stains and bumps from postacne? What is the range of procedures and how many times should they be repeated?

This nuance is corrected by peeling or hardware grinding. Again, each case requires a consultation with a doctor and procedures are prescribed according to indications.

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