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"Hello everybody!

My name is Julia Romanovna, I am the founder of the network of clinics ""MED YU MED"".

I want to tell you how it all started to demonstrate the movement towards the goal, which is the basis of the company. I would like to thank those who actively participated in the creation of this project. We invite everyone for whom our goals are close and who is ready to create history with us!

The history of the company ""MED YU MED"" is just beginning, but it is already very interesting! It is full of events and turning points.

Since childhood I liked to draw and create beauty. Even then I noticed that beautiful people are always happier and more confident in themselves, that it is they who most often occupy high positions and make the world a better place. And I was thinking about how good the world would be if all people could become beautiful! If every day they looked at themselves in the mirror and said, ""Oh, how beautiful I am!"" I dreamed that everyone would compliment each other and enjoy every minute of their lives. This idea inspired me and I started to learn as hard as possible, to attend extra classes, to study foreign experience in cosmetology. Already in the third year I began to give lectures and share knowledge with those who just decided to come in this field. For several years I worked as a cosmetologist in clinics of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

I realized that I want to make the world around me more beautiful. I want to make people happy and confident.

It all started with a small office in November 2016 near the Mayakovskaya metro station and Instagram account.. Then there were more and more customers, and I wanted to provide them with a wider range of services.

What is our specialty?

It's simple! Every day we follow the main idea of our company - to provide cosmetic services in accordance with the expectations of the patient, to cooperate only with high-level specialists, to use modern technologies and show the highest level of service."